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Avar Aerospace Fighter
Vehicle LightningAero.png
Controllable No
Class Medium
Weight 50t
Speed 17/26
Propulsion Jet
Firepower Max Damage: 108
Max Stability: 0
Max Heat: 0
Durability Total Armor: 880
Total Structure: 155
Front Armor/Structure: 210/31
Left Armor/Structure: 200/31
Right Armor/Structure: 200/31
Rear Armor/Structure: 160/31
Turret Armor/Structure: 110/31
Weapons M Pulse
M Pulse
M Pulse
M Pulse


The Avar is beloved more by commanders for being a solid workhorse design that gets the job done than by most of the pilots who actually fly them. An older design, it is only through the requests of a handful of commanders that the Avar is still in service.


Aerospace Fighters are only available through the Strafing Run Comm Suite, they do not appear as OpFor.


Aerospace Fighters are purchased as Contracts in stores.