Behemoth (BattleMech)

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Stone Rhino.png
General Data
'Mech Type BattleMech
Weight 100T
Stock Role Juggernaut
Stock Specifications
Hardpoints Ballistic: 4
Energy: 4
Support: 2
Speed 3/5/2
Firepower Max Damage: 215
Max Stability: 60
Max Heat: 0
Durability Armor: 1480
Structure: 761
Heat Efficiency Sinking: 64
Alpha: 59
Melee Kick: 100
Punch: 50
Stock Equipment
Engine Standard Engine
Core 300
Heat Sinks Heat Sink Kit (SHS)
E-Cooling None
Gyro Standard Gyro
Structure Standard Structure (Fixed)
Armor Standard Armor
Center Torso S Laser
Left Torso AC/10
Ammo AC/10
Heat Sink
Heat Sink
Heat Sink
Right Torso AC/10
Ammo AC/10
Heat Sink
Heat Sink
Heat Sink
Left Arm L Laser
Right Arm L Laser
Left Leg Jump Jet (A)
Right Leg Jump Jet (A)


Unqiue among Wolf's Dragoons, this is apparently a downgraded Stone Rhino equipped with locally made Inner Sphere technology. The sole known example was lost at the battle of Misery and the Dragoon's have been unusally reticent about the mech or it's origins, refusing to confirm where the mech came from or whether they posses anymore.


Mech Quirk: None

Pilot Affinity: Command Unit

Gains +1 initiative


  • Local Government
  • Mercenaries

Stock Loadout
Stock Loadout