Bracing Cockpit

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This unique cockpit allows the equipped unit to perform a weapon brace, setting up fire for subsequent turns, but at a severe movement cost, essentially becoming a turret for a brief period of time. This does however grant the mech's weapons a great deal of stabiliy. All the mech's weapons benefit from the boosted accuracy.

Manufacturer: Jimbo's Crabshack
Tonnage: 2
Critical Slots: 1
Install Location: Life Support A (top slot)
Value: 650,000
Gear ID: Gear_Cockpit_ArmBrace

Equipped Effects:

  • Adds a button to the weapons panel in missions which activates Bracing Cockpit effects
  • WHEN ACTIVATED: +3 accuracy on attacks
  • WHEN ACTIVATED: walking speed reduced by 95%
  • WHEN ACTIVATED: jump distance reduced by 95%

Critical Effects:

  • DESTROYED: 'Mech is incapacitated

Found On These 'Mechs: Not found on any 'Mechs

Notes: See below for in-mission example of bracing cockpit button:

Stock Loadout