Breaking Ties

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The following is a brief summary and an explanation of what requirements you need to meet in order to get the event to fire. Further details are provided but they contain spoilers. Don't read them unless you really want to know exactly what happens in the event.


Virago's loyalty is questioned as you head into the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone.

Event Trigger Requirements:

  • The Argo is in a system controlled by Clan Jade Falcon
  • Virago is a member of the crew

Event Details:


Virago stands before you, the big Elemental fidgeting. It would almost be comical if she weren't so dangerous.

"Virago, Darius tells me you've been involved in a string of "incidents" since we headed for the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. You've slugged several of the crew for insulting your honor. I need to know I can trust you. I have to ask: Will you be able to face your former comrades in battle if we take contracts here? The company has invested a considerable amount of time and money into you, and I'll see it paid off, one way or another.

"I must admit that given the opportunity, I would rejoin the Falcon touman rather than face them in combat. However, for me to betray your trust would render me dezgra. I would not do so. Bid me fight them, and I will fight them. Bid me leave, and I will go with nothing but the clothes on my back. I will not stay and have my honor questioned."


Option A - "Fire her.":

"I don't trust you. And I won't drop with someone I don't trust. You miss your former Clanmates so much, go. Run along and see if they'll take you back. Maybe they'll let you redeem your pathetic honor in a solahma unit."

Virago's expression is stony. She turns and leaves without a word, taking the first shuttle off the Argo. As promised, she left without taking a thing, including a small fortune and a cache of Clan tech. Most of the crew breathes a little easier with her off the ship.


Option B - "Let her skip contracts in the Falcon OZ for now.":

"I understand not wanting to face your former Clanmates in battle just yet. If you want to stay in this business, you need to learn to forget old loyalties and bonds... but the time for you to do so is not now. When I deploy you in battle, I need you at 100%. For now you're benched until we leave this region. The next time we arrive in the Occupation Zones, I want you ready. Understood?"

"Yes, Commander. You have my rede."

Virago will be unavailable until some time after leaving the Falcon OZ. While Virago wrestles with her demons, the rest of the pilots grumble about "special treatment," and Darius tells you of at least a few crew members that think you were simply cowed by the big Clanner. Hopefully her loyalty is worth the hit to morale.


  • Morale reduced by 2
  • Virago becomes unavailable until you leave Jade Falcon territory and the event "Making Ties" fires

Note: Choosing this option unlocks another event called "Making Ties".

Option C - "Make her fight.":

"They're not your friends, they're not your family, and they're not your former comrades. They're either targets and you destroy them, or they're immaterial to the mission and you ignore them. You're a mercenary warrior now. Warriors don't get sentimental, and mercenaries can't afford regrets. When we drop, I expect you to fight at 100%, no matter who is on the other side of the battlefield.

"Understood, Commander. I will not fail you."

True to her word, Virago is ready to go at the start of the next op, although you can tell she still had some reservations about facing her former Clanmates. Still, seeing her go to battle against Jade Falcon forces seems to have quelled most of the grumbling from the other pilots and crew, and Virago herself seems to have gained more confidence at the stick.


  • Morale increased by 2
  • Virago gains Low Spirits
  • Virago's Piloting stat is increased by 1