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Chevalier Light Tank
Vehicle Chevalier.png
Controllable Yes
Class Light
Weight 35t
Speed 6/9
Propulsion Wheeled
Firepower Max Damage: 81
Max Stability: 16
Max Heat: 0
Durability Total Armor: 520
Total Structure: 125
Front Armor/Structure: 130/25
Left Armor/Structure: 100/25
Right Armor/Structure: 100/25
Rear Armor/Structure: 80/25
Turret Armor/Structure: 110/25
Weapons ER L Laser
Streak SRM2
Streak SRM2
Ammunition Ammo Streak SRM


The Chevalier Light Tank was produced by and for the Star League and ended up mostly dying out during the Succession Wars, though ComStar kept the design alive on Terra in the ComGuards. The wheeled tank is fairly fast for a wheeled light tank and armored well with 6.5 tons of armor. Its ER Large Laser and Streak SRM-2s provide respectable, if unexceptional, firepower.


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