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All 'Mechs come equipped with a stock cockpit configuration, which can be upgraded for improved performance. The Console adds a complete set of controls for a second MechWarrior with added command and control facilities, allowing for better Lance coordination by upgrading initiative. Star League-vintage Command Consoles are very rare by 3025 because 'Mechs equipped in this way were favoured targets in battle.

Manufacturer: Doering Electronics
Tonnage: 4
Critical Slots: 1
Install Location: Cockpit
Value: 900,000
Gear ID: Gear_Cockpit_CommandConsole

Equipped Effects:

  • +1 intitiative
  • +2 lance accuracy with indirect fire
  • +2 injuries resisted

Critical Effects:

  • DESTROYED: 'Mech is incapacitated

Found On These 'Mechs: