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During the technology revival of the 3050s many technologies were rediscovered and put back into wide production. Among these was the Extra-Light Engine. However, the reactor shielding was complex on the XL and was beyond the capacity of many smaller manufacturers to make. Therefore, this type of engine was created, the so-called Jury-Rigged XL (JRXL). While actually a production model, it is called jury-rigged because it uses extremely bulky but lightweight materials to reproduce the effect of the more advanced and capable standard XL. The Jury-Rigged XL has only one real advantage over its more conventional cousin, which is ease of installation since it was designed to be quickly and cheaply installed.

Manufacturer: Periphery Armory, Inc.
Tonnage: 0
Critical Slots: 16 (4 CT + 12 ST)
Install Location: Center Torso
Value: 500,000
Gear ID: emod_engineslots_juryrigxl_center

Equipped Effects:

  • -50% engine core weight

Critical Effects:

  • HIT 1: Engine damaged, additional 15 heat per turn
  • HIT 2: Engine damaged, additional 30 heat per turn
  • DESTROYED: Engine destroyed, 'mech is incapacitated


  • JRXL engines take up 4 critical slots in the center torso and 6 in each side torso
  • Destroying either side torso of a 'mech with a JRXL engine renders it incapacitated, much in the same way as destroying the CT would, but provides more mech parts to salvage
  • While CASE doesn't prevent a 'mech with a JRXL engine from being incapacitated due to losing a side torso, it does stop spill-over damage from the side torso continuing into the CT preventing the 'mech from taking critical damage. More info on this can be found here

Found On These 'Mechs: