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Fulcrum I
Vehicle Fulcrum.png
Controllable Yes
Class Medium
Weight 50t
Speed 10/15
Propulsion Hover
Firepower Max Damage: 110
Max Stability: 10
Max Heat: 0
Durability Total Armor: 832
Total Structure: 155
Front Armor/Structure: 250/31
Left Armor/Structure: 136/31
Right Armor/Structure: 136/31
Rear Armor/Structure: 100/31
Turret Armor/Structure: 210/31
Weapons TAG
L Laser
M Laser
Ammunition LRM Swarm
Gear Guardian ECM


First brought into production by Cyclops Incorporation of Skye in 3057, the Fulcrum Hover Tank prototypes had performed well enough during testing to get an initial order of 500 units from the Lyran Alliance. The vehicle was initially stationed along the Alliance's Periphery and Free Worlds League borders, where its low maintenance needs were a boon for worlds that had not seen much of the newest technological advances.


The Fulcrum I appears in the forces of these factions: