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The Compact Gyro is constructed from denser but more compact material and components, trading an increase in weight for halving the bulk of the device. Intended primarily to reduce the chance of penetrating fire from damaging the vital component by reducing its size, like its fusion engine counterpart, it also has the benefit of freeing up internal space in a 'Mech's normally tightly packed center torso.

Manufacturer: Luthien
Tonnage: 0.04 x chassis weight
Critical Slots: 2
Install Location: Center Torso
Value: 900,000
Gear ID: Gear_Gyro_Compact

Equipped Effects:

  • +40 increased unsteady threshold

Critical Effects:

  • HIT 1: The gyro was critically hit, reducing unsteady threshold by 50%
  • DESTROYED: The gyro was destroyed, setting unsteady threshold to 0


  • Weight rounds up to nearest half ton

Found On These 'Mechs: