HarJel Self-Repair System

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HarJel is based on a very rare naturally occuring black jel substance discovered by Clan Diamond Shark in the Clan Homeworlds and later discovered on an uninhabitable planet in the Twycross system in the Inner Sphere. The Sharks discovered that, with proper treatment and stimulus, HarJel could be prompted to seal gaps in 'Mech armor, leading to the HarJel Self-Repair System. The HarJel SRS activates on taking damage and seals small amounts of damage to BattleMech armor over time. The system only protects any location it is installed in however, meaning it must be widely installed for maximum effect.

Manufacturer: Clans
Tonnage: 0.5
Critical Slots: 1
Install Location: All but head
Value: 175,000
Gear ID: Gear_HarJel

Equipped Effects:

  • Repairs 10 armor in installed location per turn.

Critical Effects:

  • DESTROYED: Equipped effects disabled.