Hardened Armor

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Hardened Armor is a thicker armor type that uses multiple overlapping plates to provide additional protection against enemy fire. Though capable of diverting more damage than standard armor, the increased number of armor plates and their lack of flexibility makes any unit employing it more difficult to pilot, and can affect the speed as well. In fact, Hardened Armor is so heavy that it cannot be mounted on hovercraft, VTOLs, or WiGE vehicles. Reduces incoming Critical Hits.

Manufacturer: NAIS
Tonnage: 0
Critical Slots: 1
Install Location: General
Value: 500,000
Gear ID: Gear_armorslots_Hardened

Equipped Effects:

  • x2 weight per point of armor
  • x2 armor protection per point of armor
  • +50% resistance to critical hits
  • -20% walking distance
  • -20% sprinting multiplier

Critical Effects:

  • None

Found On These 'Mechs: