OmniMech Gyro

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An OmniMech is a highly configurable type of BattleMech. The OmniMech gyro is fixed equipment located in the CT and provides a number of mechanical benefits on top of the standard gyro effects. Damaged OmniMech components can be easily repaired in half the time it takes for common BattleMechs.

Manufacturer: Clan
Tonnage: 0
Critical Slots: 3
Install Location: Center Torso
Value: 0
Gear ID: Gear_Gyro_Omnimech

Equipped Effects:

  • Drastically reduced time to refit and repair the 'Mech
  • +50 increased unsteady threshold
  • Allows BA to mount on this 'Mech

Critical Effects:

  • HIT 1: The gyro was critically hit, reducing unsteady threshold by 50%
  • DESTROYED: The gyro was destroyed, setting unsteady threshold to 0


  • This component is locked on OmniMechs, it cannot be removed or replaced
  • As with all fixed components on an OmniMech, if it is destroyed you do not need to find a replacement, just hit the "repair all" button then "validate" and "confirm" and it will be fixed

Found On These 'Mechs: