Patch v11.4.1 - 2021/11/16

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v11.4.1 (aka the "Hey Dork, Maybe Shit Should Work Properly" release) has been released to the installer. This patch is mostly a bug fixing release.

MAJOR FIX: The game world duels were not providing hero mech rewards properly. That has been fixed, sorry, it was a weird oversight but we sorted it out. Now you can actually acquire heroes correctly.

UPDATED MECHANIC: First Aid properly works now. Sorry, it was a minor fix that somehow escaped our notice for awhile until we did extensive testing on it.

NEW HEROES: The contest winner heroes were added for the Hollander "Bug Zapper" and Locust IIC "Tippytoes". Additionally, the following chassis had heroes added: Goliath, Emperor, Black Knight, Avatar, Shootist, Fire Moth, Anubis, Sha Yu, Hollander II, Huron Warrior, Preta, Bull Shark.

COMMUNITY CONTENT: A new Dragon has been added. Also, the HGN-IB has had its description updated.

  • Most installable actuators now properly take tonnage. Sorry, but it was necessary for balance purposes.
  • We added a new gyro, the Equilibrium gyro, it just gives you unsteady threshold and is very light.
  • MechWarrior barracks now properly increase the number of dudes you can have. It's now 12 per pod.
  • MGs were buffed a little, now dialing up the rate of fire does not also dial up the refire penalty on most MGs.
  • Hovers properly behave on water now. Zoom away!
  • The Viper Medusa hero had its named changed to the Medusae to fix a wiki issue.
  • The Fox got changed to be more TT-stat accurate. Somehow was wrong on a lot of them. Not sure why, fixed now.
  • A number of chassis had their affinities changed. Quirks are unaffected. Specifically, these chassis were changed:
  • Battle Armor jump jets have changed. Now, they have the same jump capacity no matter how many troopers are alive. Losing 1 guy shouldn't make the others jump less good after all.

IMPORTANT: v11.4.1 is an "update" update. Run the installer again to let it just update your files and you're set to go. The installer auto-updates the CAB and injects Modtek for you.

IMPORTANT: v11.4.1 is not a save breaking update, your saves are compatible and will work fine.

IMPORTANT: You can see v11.4.1's patch notes, as well as any BTA patch notes, on our wiki on this page:

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