Poet in the Library

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The following is a brief summary and an explanation of what requirements you need to meet in order to get the event to fire. Further details are provided but they contain spoilers. Don't read them unless you really want to know exactly what happens in the event.


The Commander runs into Poet in the library.

Event Trigger Requirements:

  • Poet is a member of the crew
  • Poet is uninjured
  • Argo Library upgrade unlocked
  • The Argo is currently traveling to a new system

Event Details:


As you walk into the Library to consult some old records you're startled by a pile of books moving nearby. As a particularly dusty magazine slides aside, you spot the face of Poet peaking out from the heap.

"Oh hello, Commander. Mind giving me a hand?"

As you pull Poet to her feet she confesses she's been in the predicament for quite some time. She meant to shout for help before, but is quick to note people aren't supposed to talk in the Libary.


Option A - "Screw the library rules.":

"Library policy is good and all, but you can't just give in like that. Have some pride, shout it out if you need to. Besides, you're the prime user, you can set the rules."

Poet lights up: "You mean, this is my library?"

"Sure, why not."


  • Poet gains High Spirits for 30 days
  • Poet gains pilot tag: Dependable

Option B - (Requirement: Argo upgrade Improved Library unlocked) "Suggest going digital.":

After a few days Poet reports back to you: "I was so caught up in these old stories, I hadn't realized how many e-books we'd stocked up on. Basically our entire paper collection is on there too. I don't have to reach for a top shelf anymore."


  • Poet gains High Spirits for 90 days
  • Poet gains pilot tag: Dependable

Option C - (Requirement: Argo upgrade Gymnasium unlocked) "Suggest hitting the gym.":

"Maybe if you did some more physical exercise, you could dig yourself out, and wouldn't need any help?"

After a few days Poet reports back to you: "There's a lot to read about exercise, most of it is conflicting, but I'm not one to give up on doing some research. I'm sore all over, but I think I might be getting a bit tougher?"

"We can only hope.",


  • Poet gains Low Spirits for 14 days
  • Poet gains pilot tag: Dependable
  • Poet's Guts stat is increased by 1