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Scorpion Mk. II
Vehicle Scorpion.png
Controllable Yes
Class Light
Weight 25t
Speed 4/6
Propulsion Tracked
Firepower Max Damage: 70
Max Stability: 24
Max Heat: 0
Durability Total Armor: 348
Total Structure: 95
Front Armor/Structure: 100/19
Left Armor/Structure: 55/19
Right Armor/Structure: 55/19
Rear Armor/Structure: 55/19
Turret Armor/Structure: 88/19
Weapons UAC/5
Ammunition Ultra AC/5


Initially produced by the Quikscell Company in 2807, the Scorpion tank is well known for being easy to repair, available in numbers, and, best of all, cheap. Because of these properties, it has achieved the nickname of 'The Budget Tank.' Found on many backwater and Periphery worlds, the Scorpion is a proven favorite due to its low cost. As with many Quikscell products, quality control is practically nonexistent. Many new Scorpions arrive with damaged or missing components.


The Scorpion Mk. II appears in the forces of these factions: