Stealth Armor

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Developed by the Capellan Confederation, Stealth Armor is a modern day equivalent of the Star League era Null Signature System. Reserves 12 slots and requires an ECM.

Manufacturer: Durallex
Tonnage: 0
Critical Slots: 12 dynamic
Install Location: General
Value: 2,000,000
Gear ID: emod_armorslots_stealth

Equipped Effects:

  • +1 maximum evasion pips
  • +1 evasion pips gained from movement
  • +30% harder to spot
  • +5% heat generated from weapons fire
  • +3 heat per turn.

Critical Effects:

  • None


  • Stealth armor requires an ECM be installed in order for it to be equipped
  • Dynamic slots will be automatically moved around the 'mech's components to fill up free space. E.g. if you fill up the torsos with gear the dynamic armor slots will move to fill the arms and legs
  • Available for purchase in the Capellan Confederation faction store

Found On These 'Mechs: