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Vehicle Sturmfeur.png
Controllable Yes
Class Assault
Weight 85t
Speed 2/3
Propulsion Tracked
Firepower Max Damage: 190
Max Stability: 46
Max Heat: 0
Durability Total Armor: 1604
Total Structure: 280
Front Armor/Structure: 355/56
Left Armor/Structure: 330/56
Right Armor/Structure: 330/56
Rear Armor/Structure: 240/56
Turret Armor/Structure: 349/56
Weapons LRM20
Ammunition Ammo LRM
Ammo LRM
Ammo LRM
Ammo LRM
Ammo LRM
Ammo LRM
Ammo MG


The primary armament on the SturmFeur was a pair of SturmFeur LRM-20s. These allowed the tank to provide withering support fire, both directly and indirectly. This allowed it to stay out of range and even out of sight of most enemy units. Difficulties with targeting technology during the Third Succession War necessitated splitting up the launchers so that they didn't accidentally damage friendly units. Because of this, one LRM was mounted in a turret, and the other was mounted behind but only fires forward, over the turret in an arc. The only secondary weapons were a pair of MiniGuns attached to the turret. They provided effective anti-infantry defense, but little else.


The Sturmfeur appears in the forces of these factions:


The Sturmfeur appears in these stores:

  • Steiner system stores once you are are Friendly with them (40 rep or higher)