Wheeled APC

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Wheeled APC (SRM)
Vehicle APC.png
Controllable Yes
Class Light
Weight 10t
Speed 5/8
Propulsion Wheeled
Firepower Max Damage: 31
Max Stability: 11
Max Heat: 0
Durability Total Armor: 440
Total Structure: 95
Front Armor/Structure: 100/19
Left Armor/Structure: 100/19
Right Armor/Structure: 100/19
Rear Armor/Structure: 100/19
Turret Armor/Structure: 40/19
Weapons MG
Ammunition Ammo SRM
Ammo MG


The backbone of any vehicular military unit, APCs have been carrying infantry since the days of pre-spaceflight Terra and even in the era of battle armor, continue in their most mundane of roles. The wheeled APC is used mostly in city fighting, because wheels are best-suited for roads and light cross-country movement. The SRM version keeps the infantry bay and replaces the standard Machine Guns and ammunition with a single SRM-2 and a ton of ammo.


The Wheeled APC (SRM) appears in the forces of these factions: