2019/8/12 - Patch v2.8

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v2.8 has been released. The fix list is not too bad, but still check Documentation on the Nexus page. A few big things include the inclusion of the Mackie, minor changes to the standard pulse lasers, an update to Better Base Defense, the inclusion of Give me Death by Justin_Kase, and various minor fixes.

Additionally, BTA Custom Mechs has been updated with custom Ostwars, custom Mackies, and the Emperor Crab (he's a fun one).

v2.8 is a clear and reinstall update, you MUST clear and reinstall BTA. Back up your saves.

THIS IS IMPORTANT READ THIS There is a change in the required CAB. I have created and uploaded a BTA-specific CAB folder on the CAB's Nexus page for downloads, it's towards the bottom. You no longer require the full CAB, just the BTA-compatible one. Also, the BTA-compatible has no installer, it is a single folder, just extract the files directly to Mods. IMPORTANT THING OVER

Finally, a personal update. I am having some serious personal life problems right now. BTA will continue to get support as I'm able but for the remainder of August updates are gonna be a little thin on the ground. If there are bugs or issues I'll address them as I can and I'm still around here for support, advice, conversation. I'll keep streaming as I'm able, but I wanted to be clear with people that BTA advancements are going to slow down a little bit for a little while. Don't worry, there's a bright future for this modpack and I have big plans and dreams for it, but I need some time to deal with life right now. Thanks for being understanding, folks.