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Weight Modifier/Weight Modification Factor: The amount by which your armour's total weight is adjusted.

Armor Factor: The amount by which your "IN MISSION" armour value of each location is adjusted.

Reserved Critical Slots: How many Critical Location Slots the armour takes up.

Comparison of Armor Types
Armor Type Weight Modifier Weight Modification Factor Armor Factor Reserved Critical Slots Additional Bonuses Additional Hinderances
Armor, Primitive None None -33% None None None
Armor, Standard None None None None None None
Armor, Clan Standard None None None None CASE included None
IS Ferro-Fibrous -11% 11/100 decrease None 14 None None
Clan Ferro-Fibrous -11% 11/100 decrease None 7 CASE Included None
Clan Ferro-Lamellor -12% 3/25 decrease -12 % 12 CASE Included, Reduces Damage by 20% None
Hardened +100% x2 increase +100% None 50% Resistance to Critical Shots -20% Walk Speed, -20% Run Speed
Heavy Ferro -20% 1/5 decrease None 21 None None
Heavy Plating Armor +25% 1/4 increase +25% 9 None None
Light Ferro -06% 3/50 decrease None 7 None None
Reactive Plating None None None 10 Reduces Kinetic Damage (Missiles) by 20% None
Reflective Coating None None None 10 Reduces Energy Damage by 20% Increases Kinetic Damage by 10%
Retro Light Plating -11% 11/100 decrease -25% 8 None None
Stealth None None None 11 +1 Evasion Maximum, +1 Evasion Pip, Visability: -30% Range to be Spotted +5% Heat Generation, +3 Heat Per Turn, Requires an ECM Equipment.
Ultra Ferro -16% 4/25 decrease None 21 CASE Included None