Astral Australis

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Astral Australis, or Down Under as it is widely known, is a mild planet that was settled by Austrialian colonists and slowly became a small mining and manufacturing hub. Australis is home to a workforce known for working hard and playing harder but who also help one another readily. Australis has been plagued by a band of mercs-turned-pirates until some workers stood up against them, forming a small band called the Prankstars.

Special Inventory

Astral Australis is a unique trading outpost that provides a store from which players can purchase otherwise hard to find Community Content weapons and gear.

Full Mechs Vehicles Battle Armor Equipment Weapons Ammunition Contracts

Banshee BNC-SB
Bombard BMB-SB
Cicada CDA-TF
Panther PNT-SB
Omega SHP-SB

Schrek Binary PPC Carrier
None Heat Bank
Improved Heat Bank
Binary PPC None None

How To Find It

Astral Australis can be found in the extreme South-East of the map, beyond the Federated Suns system of Armington, just east of the end of the Taurian Concordat border with the Federated Suns. You can also press CTRL+F and type Astral Australis into the search field to highlight it on the Navigation map.

Stock Loadout