BTA Developer Blog 8: BD's Favorites!

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BTA Developer Blog #8: BD's Favorites!

So, this is a little bit self-aggrandizing but I get a lot of people asking "hey, BD, what are your favorite mechs?" and I decided it'd be a good idea to have a written out list for folks. So, in no specific order (with one exception), here's some of my favorites. However, I'd like to preface this by saying that I enjoy many, many mechs and this list is not comprehensive, just the ones that come to mind when I casually think about it.

King Crab KGC-001: This is the one exception. If you sat me down and said "pick one single mech to be the top favorite", it'd be this one. I love this mech for personal reasons but she's my hardcore favorite. Always loved her, always will.

Highlander HGN-732b: Everyone loves the Highlander, but for me the 732b (the Royal) is the most Highlander-ish Highlander. It's everything I like: Gauss, nice mixed loadout, solid armor, good looks.

Nightstar NSR-9J: Next to the Highlander we have the Nightstar, which I love for one reason: jumping twin Gauss Rifles. You may be noticing a pattern: Gauss Rifles, they're great.

Mackie MSK-9H: Just love me the fat spaceman. Nothing complicated.

Imp IMP-1A: He's the Fat UrbanMech! I actually love the Imp because it both looks absurd and because it plays *really* well. Very fun mech to drive.

Charger CGR-1A1: The Charger is just a stupid, stupid mech. But I love the aesthetics and I love the idea of a Charger running down a Panther and tearing it apart with its bare hands (and small lasers).

Yeoman YMN-6Y: Apparently, we're doing silly mechs right now, from the Fat Spaceman and Grown Up Urbie to the Boombox That Could. Something about the Yeoman's just ridiculous appearance masks the fact that it's actually pretty damn capable (as long as you want missiles and not much else).

Vision Quest VQ-1NC: I love the little odd corners of BT's history and one of those is the old "Early Clan" Golden Century designs and technologies. The Vision Quest is a great entry in that list. I love the aesthetics, I love the mix of tech, I'm just a fan all around.

Summoner Prime: Here it is, my favorite Clan mech by a mile and a half. I'm an Inner Sphere man in general but I *love* the Summoner very much. Huge, huge fan of the mech. Always have been, even if it's not actually that good. Love it anyways.

Talos TLS-1B: Remember when I talked about liking the odd corners of BT history? Here we are again: the Talos is a very old design that went extinct early and never returned but dammit I love it anyways. Looks goofy, isn't actually that good, but damn if I don't enjoy it anyhow.

Hunchback HBK-4G: Some mechs are complex and interesting. Some mechs aren't. The Hunchback knows what it's about and what it's about is Boom!:tm: Clean simplicity of design and play. Sign me up, captain.

Grendel D: This one I love because it won me a Clan Grand Melee at GenCon many years ago. It's basically ok as a mech but winning me that melee was a huge boost to my early BT experience. Loved it then, love it now.

Hollander BZK-F3: See the above about the Hunchback and multiply it by 10. The Hollander does one thing: carry a Gauss Rifle. By god it does it well. Sometimes, that's all you need.

Flea FLE-15: My favorite of the low-end lights, the Flea is simple and honestly not very good but I love her anyways. She comes with all the guns (for her size) and she works damn hard. Love it.

Howler 1: The last Clan mech on the list, the Howler is a great little design. Light fire support is my jam and he does it well. Looks stylish as hell too.

Folks asked, here's your answers. Enjoy the list!