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Badger Tracked Transport
Vehicle Badger.png
Controllable Yes
Class Light
Weight 35t
Speed 5/8
Propulsion Tracked
Firepower Max Damage: 76
Max Stability: 8
Max Heat: 0
Durability Total Armor: 440
Total Structure: 125
Front Armor/Structure: 100/25
Left Armor/Structure: 90/25
Right Armor/Structure: 90/25
Rear Armor/Structure: 70/25
Turret Armor/Structure: 90/25
Weapons SRM2
M Laser
M Laser
M Laser
Ammunition Ammo SRM


Considered the Prime People Movers of the Inner Sphere, the humble APC may seem underwhelming and uninteresting, but it harbors a secret: it can disgorge infantry anywhere and at any time, surprising even hardened mech forces. Use them wisely and APCs can turn the tide of combat.


The Badger Tracked Transport appears in the forces of these factions:

  • Local Government
  • Mercenaries


The Badger Tracked Transport appears in these stores: