Celestial Champion

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General Data
'Mech Type BattleMech
Weight 30T
Stock Role Next Generation Scout
Stock Specifications
Speed 7/11/9
Firepower Max Damage: 85
Max Stability: 5
Max Heat: 0
Durability Armor: 400
Structure: 256
Heat Efficiency Sinking: 60
Alpha: 37
Melee Kick: 30
Punch: 15
Stock Equipment
Engine 3rd Gen. Engine (Fixed)
Core 210 (Fixed)
Heat Sinks Heat Sink Kit (3GHS) (Fixed)
E-Cooling None
Structure 3rd Gen. Endo-Steel Structure (Fixed)
Armor 3rd Gen. Armor (Fixed)
Head 3rd Gen. Cockpit (Fixed)
M Grazer
Center Torso 3rd Gen. Jump Jet (S) (Fixed)
Left Torso Ammo 3GM ER
Ammo 3GM HE
3rd Gen. Jump Jet (S) (Fixed)
3rd Gen. Jump Jet (S) (Fixed)
3rd Gen. Jump Jet (S) (Fixed)
3G Missile/5
Right Torso 3rd Gen. Jump Jet (S) (Fixed)
3rd Gen. Jump Jet (S) (Fixed)
3rd Gen. Jump Jet (S) (Fixed)
Right Arm L Grazer
Left Leg 3rd Gen. Heat Sink
Right Leg 3rd Gen. Heat Sink


Made to honor the leader of the St. Ives Compact, the Celestial Champion is the premier 3rd Generation BattleMech scout unit. Armed with a Large and Medium Grazer as well as a cutting-edge 3rd Gen. Missile/5 system, the Celestial Champion can take on anything its own weight with little trouble. With high ground speed, great jump capability, and respectable armor, the Celestial Champion is truly a showcase of what 3rd Generation technology is capable of.

<b><color=#e51717>COMMUNITY CONTENT</color></b>


Mech Quirk: 3rd Gen. Cockpit

+2 accuracy with ranged weapons

Pilot Affinity: Resistant

50% less chance to suffer critical hits


Stock Loadout
Stock Loadout