Crash - Pilot

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Pilot Crash.png
General Data
Callsign Crash
Name Giselle Armand
Age 26
Gender Female
Faction Magistracy of Canopus
Health 3
Gunnery 2
Piloting 5
Guts 2
Tactics 4
Phantom Skill.png


It’s pretty easy to get Giselle Armand to open up about how she acquired her callsign; “Crash”. She’ll happily tell the tale of her bravely running an old, beat-up Shadow Hawk into a pirate Stinger head-on, taking out the enemy ‘Mech and chasing off a band of raiders on her home planet back in the Magistracy. It’s a pretty good drinking story, honestly. But that’s where the story always ends, and when pressed, “Crash” really doesn’t have much else to say.

In fact, she doesn’t like talking about her past much at all, aside from that. She’ll admit to working with some no-name band of Mercs who you can’t even find in the MRB database, saying that’s where she learned to fight. And she’s a decent pilot, but there isn’t much military behind whatever training she got. Her trigger finger is twitchy. That can be fixed. She’s not particularly tough, but that’s nothing the regular exercise that comes from being stuck in transit between contracts won’t help. She’s got a decent mind for tactics, but it’s more flash-in-the-pan sort of brilliance than the long-game sort of tact that a competent commander needs or looks for. No, there’s just something about her that doesn’t add up, but she hasn’t gotten anyone killed yet, at least nobody on her team at any rate, so all the typical jargon that comes with the job flying completely over her head just seems like an oddity more than a detriment. Though it’s hard not to wonder what her story really is, and if it’s worth all the effort it’ll take to get her up to snuff.




Can be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.