Cutter - Pilot

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Pilot Cutter.png
General Data
Callsign Cutter
Name Cutter Edgewise
Age 35
Gender Male
Faction Tortuga Dominions
Health 3
Gunnery 1
Piloting 1
Guts 1
Tactics 1
Command ExperienceMechWarrior


Cutter Edgewise grew up an orphan on the rough streets of Tortuga Prime. From a young age he learned that he had to scrap to get by. Eventually, he was working in a local restaurant to get money for a trip off world so he could pursue his dream of being an artist. However, after the local mafia strong-armed his boss into paying protection money, Cutter was hired by the local pirates (who had a feud with the mafia on Tortuga) to run supplies for them. After being captured by the mafia, and losing an eye in the process, Cutter fell more seriously into the pirate lifestyle. A brief stint with the Federated Suns military happened, followed by returning to the pirate life just in time to work with the newly crowned Pirate Lord, you. Cutter brings a lifetime of pirate experience, great skill as a MechWarrior, and an engine room still for rotgut to the team, all things a budding Pirate Lord needs on his crew.




Can only be recruited through a Local Pirates event chain. Not available in hiring halls.