Doyle - Pilot

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Pilot Doyle.png
General Data
Callsign Doyle
Name Arthur Conan
Age 31
Gender Male
Faction Federated Suns
Health 4
Gunnery 4
Piloting 4
Guts 5
Tactics 4
Shielded Stance.png
Shielded Stance
MechWarriorSolaris Gladiator


Doyle is a seasoned mercenary pilot who first started his career with Ghost Warriors Brigade. He quickly got frustrated with their lack of drive and ambition and soon found himself signing up and fighting with the Steel Jaguars, a merc unit that prided themselves on their dedication to tough training, hard work and excellence in the field of battle. Before too long Doyle had become an integral part of the battalion he fought for and he found himself fighting in every available mission, building up a wealth of knowledge and experience. Eventually he was given a promotion, but it was his next promotion, one that he never wanted, that would end up shaping his future.

One day the Commanding Officer of the battalion walked away from the job, deciding that he was unable continue in his position and quit the life of a mercenary, leaving Doyle to take his post. Doyle didn't want this position, but after looking around and deciding if he left it to someone else they would probably get him killed, he decided to take the job. He then led the battalion through a series of successful missions, but never truly saw eye to eye with the company's owner. There were many straws but one, as they say, finally broke the camel's back and Doyle decided to leave the Steel Jaguars to form his own company from the ground up.

What he didn't expect was for the vast majority of his former battalion to follow him, but many did. So finding himself in possession of almost a full battalion of seasoned merc pilots he struck out with his new company naming them The Sanguine Tigers. Years later a merge with a fellow friendly merc unit known as 9th Blood and Fire saw the company renamed to The 9th Sanguine Tigers and they spent many happy years taking contracts and kicking ass until one day Doyle decided he needed a change of pace, giving up the life of a merc to settle down. Which tried to do, but not before a brief but lucrative spell as a Solaris VII jock...

But old habits die hard, it turned out the peaceful life wasn't for him and he set out once more to find the thrill of the battlefield, working for any company that was happy to take on a grizzled old veteran pilot, as long as they promised to never give him a promotion...




Can be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.