Dustball - Pilot

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Pilot Dustball.png
General Data
Callsign Dustball
Name Harrison Dumais
Age 38
Gender Male
Faction Periphery
Health 4
Gunnery 3
Piloting 2
Guts 4
Tactics 3


It's easy to be the cream of the crop when the crop is harvested from a tiny field in a distant farm nobody knows or really cares about. Harrison Dumais's family were just such people; the fortunate few among few. They were successful traders, dealing in necessities brokered from far and wide, and even made enough money to employ their own small security detail. Just a few Scorpion tanks and an old, beaten-up Commando, but it was more than sufficient to keep any bandits or petty thieves at bay.

Setups like theirs didn't normally attract pirates, but eventually even the fattest dogs get hungry, and one day a small band of brigands came looking for food, water, ammunition, and more specifically, the family Commando. Harrison, being the eldest, stood to inherit the entire operation from his father, and in addition to learning the ins and outs of trade, was given command of the security forces, and the Commando. Sadly, that far in the middle of nowhere, good training was hard to buy, and those accustomed to conflict easily trumped those with plenty of heart but little skill. The Commando, the goods, and the family were all lost that day, and Harrison, along with a few workers and foremen, were all that remained. With no reason to stay, the now heir to nothing left his dusty world, taking on his current moniker, and sought mercenary employ.




Can be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.