Executioner II

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General Data
'Mech Type OmniMech
Weight 95T
Stock Role Assault Cavalry
Stock Specifications
Hardpoints Omni: 13
Speed 5/7/5
Modified Sprint 9 (MASC)
Firepower Max Damage: 396
Max Stability: 50
Max Heat: 0
Durability Armor: 1430
Structure: 726
Heat Efficiency Sinking: 96
Alpha: 126
Melee Kick: 95
Punch: 48
Stock Equipment
Engine XL Engine (C) (Fixed)
Core 380 (Fixed)
Heat Sinks Engine Sink Kit (CDHS) (Fixed)
E-Cooling +5 (Fixed)
Gyro XL Omni Gyro (Fixed)
Structure Endo-Steel Structure (C) (Fixed)
Armor Ferro-Fibrous Armor (C) (Fixed)
Left Torso Ammo LBX/20 CLUSTER
Ammo LBX/20 SLUG
M.A.S.C. (C) (Fixed)
Right Torso Bulk Heat Bank
Heat Sink Double (C) (Fixed)
Left Arm Ultra LBX AC/20 (C)
Right Arm Rotary M Pulse (C)
Rotary M Pulse (C)
Rotary M Pulse (C)
Rotary M Pulse (C)
Rotary M Pulse (C)
Rotary M Pulse (C)
Left Leg Jump Jet (A) (Fixed)
Jump Jet (A) (Fixed)
Right Leg Jump Jet (A) (Fixed)
Jump Jet (A) (Fixed)


To address the shortcomings of the original Executioner, the Executioner II incorporates an endo-steel frame, an extralight gyro to be able to keep the speed of the original, while increasing the armour to a full 16 tons. It however, was never accepted into general production, but several experimental prototypes and models can be found around the galaxy. The Executioner-II's primary configuration is specialized for close combat, using its mobility to its fullest. It carries an experimental Ultra LBX/20, and backed by six Rotary Medium Lasers.

<b><color=#e51717>COMMUNITY CONTENT</color></b>


Mech Quirk: Clan Mech

+10% walking distance, +10% sprinting distance, +10% jump distance, +1 accuracy with ranged weapons, -6 heat at the end of the turn, -30 melee accuracy

Pilot Affinity: Nimble

15% more jumping distance


Stock Loadout
Stock Loadout