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Battletech Advanced 3062 includes 500 new mechs, dozens of new weapons systems, an entirely overhauled combat experience, a completely different mechbay system, an amazing new mech assembly mechanic, and countless other features. Below is a growing list of what currently comes included with the mod:

  • More than 50 new platforms, more than 500 new mech variants, and more than 200 tanks from the Inner Sphere.
  • Dozens of new weapons systems, such as LB-X Autocannons with multiple firing modes, Ultra and Rotary Autocannons, Area of Effect Artillery, Binary Lasers, LRM minefields, and more. Complimenting these new weapon systems are new types of payloads that you can switch between, such as inferno, smoke, Artemis, and thunder ammunition.
  • New technology standards to match the timeline. Experience a new level of customization and a variety of new builds as you outfit your lance with equipment like Endo-Steel skeletons, Ferro Fibrous armor, Extra Light engines, expanded ECM modules, Myomer Accelerator Signal Circuitry (MASC), and a plethora of other new items and enhancements for your war machines. Expect more common encounters with advanced vanilla technologies like Double Heat Sinks, ER and Pulse Lasers, and Gauss Rifles.
  • Improved AI that actually can pose a challenge!
  • A searchable star map so you can find that one planet you can never remember where it is!
  • A totally overhauled mechbay that replicates real tabletop BattleTech rules and lets you change *anything* about your mechs!
  • Totally different movement system! Now you can sprint and shoot! Evasion doesn't go away when you're shot at! Light mechs are survivable now!
  • An improved heat system that checks for ammo explosions and can even force shutdowns!
  • New salvage system that doesn't force you assemble mechs if you don't want to.
  • Performance fixes so good you'll wonder why they're not in vanilla!
  • A dynamic shop system that puts all the new toys into shops naturally!
  • And more!