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Pilot Kotare.png
General Data
Callsign Kotare
Name Brone Kotare
Age 27
Gender Male
Faction Periphery
Health 4
Gunnery 8
Piloting 4
Guts 5
Tactics 4
Precision Master.png
Precision Master
MilitaryCommand Experience
MechWarriorLosTech Experience


A Bloodnamed Warrior of Clan Smoke Jaguar, Star Captain Brone Kotare was raised at the Smoke Jaguar martial training grounds outside Lootera, the former capital of the Jaguar planet of Huntress.Testing as a Warrior he won the rank of Star Commander and quickly earned command of a Star of Clan front line Omni-Mechs among the 4th Jaguar Dragoons just in time for Operation Revival, the Clan invasion of the Inner Sphere. His BattleMech Star participated in numerous battles paving the way for the Smoke Jaguar victory on Asgard. There they defeated the 3rd Benjamin Regulars routing them. He personally bested a Hatamoto-Chi assault 'Mech piloted by the hereditary Lordess of Asgard, Tai-i Mikki Masamune Asgardari in single combat ultimately taking her, a samurai, as his bondsman. He won a Kotare blood name soon after.

Rising to the rank of Star Captain he commanded 1st Trinary Battle at the failed invasion of Luthien when the Smoke Jaguars were repulsed by a combined force of Kuritan and Mercenary units. After the Battle of Tukayyid he was stymied in rank largely due to his growing relationship with his bondsman, Mikki. He and his Trinary along with the 4th Jaguar Dragoons were relegated to the defense of Asgard to rebuild. After years of garrison duty he once again faced the reconstituted 3rd Benjamin Regulars and the full force of the Second Star League during Operation Bulldog. He and his modified Stormcrow Omni-Mech were the only survivors of his entire Trinary. Taken as bondsman by the Second Star League due to his own martial prowess he quickly regained his status as a Warrior partly due to the influence of Mikki Masamune, now a Captain of the Star League who married him soon after. However, he refused to fight against Clan Smoke Jaguar instead taking assignments against other Clan forces in revenge for their betrayal of his Clan. With the fall of the Second Star League soon after he was left without a unit. Now, he accepts work fighting against the Clans while taking his payment in salvage. Meanwhile he rounds up other Smoke Jaguar survivors though it is unknown for what purpose or to where he sends them. Rumors abound of Jaguar enclaves attempting to rebuild the Clan to its former glory though so far, they are only rumors. It is said that he has amassed an impressive kill record and salvage trove though he never discusses such things.




Can be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.

Special Note:

Kotare is a custom Community Content pilot.