Mad Cat Prime

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Mad Cat.png
General Data
'Mech Type OmniMech
Weight 75T
Stock Role Twist On The Iconic Timber Wolf
Stock Specifications
Hardpoints Omni: 10
Speed 3/5/0
Firepower Max Damage: 440
Max Stability: 102
Max Heat: 0
Durability Armor: 1160
Structure: 571
Heat Efficiency Sinking: 78
Alpha: 190
Melee Kick: 75
Punch: 38
Stock Equipment
Engine Standard Engine (Fixed)
Core 225 (Fixed)
Heat Sinks Engine Sink Kit (CDHS) (Fixed)
E-Cooling None
Gyro OmniMech Gyro (Fixed)
Structure Endo-Steel Structure (C) (Fixed)
Armor Ferro-Fibrous Armor (C) (Fixed)
Left Torso Heat Sink Double (C)
Ammo LRM
Ammo LRM
LRM15 (C)
LRM20 (C)
Ammo MG
Right Torso Heat Sink Double (C)
Heat Sink Double (C) (Fixed)
Ammo LRM
Ammo LRM
LRM15 (C)
LRM20 (C)
Left Arm ER PPC (C)
Heat Sink Double (C)
Ammo LRM
MG (C)
Right Arm ER PPC (C)
Ammo LRM
MG (C)

Special Note: The Mad Cat Prime is a custom Community Content 'Mech.


This is a strange Timber Wolf variant that has adopted the false but persistent Inner Sphere reporting name, Mad Cat. Armed with a staggering array of firepower, this Mad Cat is extremely hard-hitting but is slower than its normal brethren. It also comes with a unique Target Jammer component that provides some unique versatility on the battlefield.

<b><color=#e51717>COMMUNITY CONTENT</color></b>


Mech Quirk: Clan Mech

+10% walking distance, +10% sprinting distance, +10% jump distance, +1 accuracy with ranged weapons, -6 heat at the end of the turn, -30 melee accuracy

Pilot Affinity: Command Unit

Gains +1 initiative


Stock Loadout
Stock Loadout