Merchant's Rest

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Merchant's Rest isn't a true planet, being more of a waypoint rock in space that the Diamond Sharks sent an expedition to in order to open up new markets for their goods. They're a long way from home, but they do good business out here in the Rimward Periphery, so the Khan considers it a worthwhile endeavor to keep it operational.

Merchant's Rest is a Clan Diamond Shark trading outpost in the Rimward Periphery designed to give players who started in the lower half of the map access to the Diamond Shark specialist store without requiring them to journey across to galaxy to reach it.

Special Inventory

Merchant's Rest offers the same inventory as the main Diamond Shark store on Twycross.


  • Best In Slot
  • Faction Unique

Planet Faction Rep Required Weapons Ammunition Equipment Full 'Mechs 'Mech Parts Vehicles Battle Armor Contracts
Merchant's Rest Clan Diamond Shark None BA AP Gauss Rifle (C)
BA Adv SRM2 (C)
BA Adv SRM5 (C)
BA Avenger (C)
BA Bearhunter SH AC (C)
BA ER S Laser (C)
BA Flamer (C)
BA Inferno SRM1 (C)
BA Micro Pulse Laser (C)
ER L Laser (C)
ER M Laser (C)
ER Micro Laser (C)
ER S Laser (C)
Gauss Rifle (C)
Heavy L Laser (C)
Heavy M Laser (C)
Heavy S Laser (C)
L Pulse (C)
LBX AC/2 (C)
LBX AC/5 (C)
LBX AC/10 (C)
LRM5 (C)
LRM10 (C)
LRM15 (C)
LRM20 (C)
M Pulse (C)
MG (C)
Micro Pulse (C)
S Pulse (C)
SRM2 (C)
SRM4 (C)
SRM6 (C)
Ultra AC/2 (C)
Ultra AC/5 (C)
Ultra AC/10 (C)
Ammo ATM
Ammo PAC/2
Ammo PAC/4
Ammo PAC/8
Active Probe (C)
ECM Suite (C)
Ferro-Fibrous (C)
Light Active Probe (C)
M.A.S.C. (C)
Fox CS-1
Glass Spider GLS-1
Hammerhead HHD-1
Hellfire HLF-1
Hellhound HLH-1
Highlander IIC HGN-IIC-1
Howler HOW-1
Hunchback IIC HBK-IIC-1
Incubus INC-1
Iron Cheetah IC-Prime
Jenner IIC JR7-IIC-1
Locust IIC LCT-IIC-1
Mad Cat Mk II 1
Marauder IIC MAD-IIC-1
Medusa MED-1
Piranha PIR-1
Rifleman IIC 1
Sorcerer IIC SRC-IIC
Stone Rhino STR-1
Storm Giant STM-1
Supernova SNV-1
UrbanMech UM-IIC
Vapor Eagle VGL-1
Warhammer IIC 1
None None Elemental
Gnome Battle Armor
Golem Battle Armor
Salamander Battle Armor
Permanent Contract for Elemental Airdrop


Merchant's Rest can be found in the extreme south of the map, near the independent system Portland which is located below Aurigan Coalition territory. You can also press CTRL+F and type Merchant's Rest into the search field to highlight it on the Navigation map.

Stock Loadout