Mustang - Pilot

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Pilot Mustang.png
General Data
Callsign Mustang
Name Holden Tagart
Age 34
Gender Male
Faction Taurian Concordat
Health 4
Gunnery 5
Piloting 5
Guts 4
Tactics 2
Sure Footing.png
Sure Footing


Every man and woman able to do so performs four years of compulsory service in the Taurian Defense Force, and Holden Tagart was no different. Unlike many of his contemporaries however, he excelled in his training, and it resonated with him, so he joined up full-time, and was transferred from his local canton to Taurus to attend the prestigious École Militaire. There, he hoped to stand above the rest, and enrolled in the MOS most likely to get him into the Taurian Ministry of Intelligence, but he was ill-suited for covert work and washed out.

Recirculated back into the stream of standard trainees, his superiors suggested he try for tank command or MechWarrior. He chose the latter, preferring not to be directly responsible for so many other soldiers. Part of the appeal of spec ops to him had been the chance to work alone, and shine alone, and he chaffed at the notion of working alongside anyone that could hold him back. His superiors knew this was the reason he’d never have made a good member of the TMI, but they kept it to themselves. Tagart did well in his training, and was soon assigned to a recon lance, piloting a Commando. He did his time, retired with little fanfare, and moved on to the greater Periphery in general, hoping to secure a spot in a Mercenary command, where he could prove himself and shine brighter than he believed he ever could as another face among rows of government troops.




Can be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.