Pathfinder - Pilot

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Pilot Pathfinder.png
General Data
Callsign Pathfinder
Name Donovan Gerhard
Age 41
Gender Male
Faction Periphery
Health 4
Gunnery 3
Piloting 4
Guts 5
Tactics 3


Donovan Gerhard was born on Hardisey's Haven in the Circinus Federation. The youngest son of a teacher and a Circinus dropship captain, from his earliest days he was an explorer. Before he was ten, he was camping alone in the wilderness near his small town, and taking apart household appliances to see how they worked. Yes, he got lost; yes, sometimes the appliances never worked again. The important thing was that now he knew.

In secondary school, he wondered what would happen if he started an AgroMech racing league. He found out (and was suspended). He wondered what would happen if he provoked others who quailed at challenges. He found out (and came in third instead of first). After he graduated, having thoroughly explored his small town and the local spaceport, he headed to Circinus. Based on his father's wary endorsement, he was accepted into the Black Warriors as a MechTech. He then promptly wondered what would happen if a MechTech went along on a raid. He found out (and got to pose as ground crew to steal a 'Mech.)

His commanding officer appreciated his fearless willingness to stick his nose into anything most of the time. He brought 'Mechs home to Circinus without any interest in keeping them, which made up for the trouble he got into. But one day he stumbled into his commander's personal life. That abruptly ended his career with the Black Warriors, and he left the Circinus Federation with a bounty on his head and an enthusiastic interest in seeing the rest of the universe. Now he gets by taking what mercenary work he can, especially work that lets him see new things.",




Can be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.