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General Data
'Mech Type BattleMech
Weight 55T
Stock Role Next Generation Medium Cavalry
Stock Specifications
Speed 5/8/0
Firepower Max Damage: 160
Max Stability: 0
Max Heat: 0
Durability Armor: 895
Structure: 456
Heat Efficiency Sinking: 108
Alpha: 74
Melee Kick: 55
Punch: 28
Stock Equipment
Engine 3rd Gen. Engine (Fixed)
Core 275 (Fixed)
Heat Sinks Heat Sink Kit (3GHS) (Fixed)
E-Cooling +1 (Fixed)
Structure 3rd Gen. Endo-Steel Structure (Fixed)
Armor 3rd Gen. Armor (Fixed)
Head 3rd Gen. Cockpit (Fixed)
Left Torso 3rd Gen. Heat Sink
Right Torso L Grazer
Left Arm 3rd Gen. Heat Sink
3rd Gen. Heat Sink
L Grazer
M Grazer
Right Arm 3rd Gen. Heat Sink
3rd Gen. Heat Sink
L Grazer
M Grazer
Left Leg 3rd Gen. Heat Sink
Right Leg 3rd Gen. Heat Sink

Special Note: The Riesigenwaffenkampfer RWK-3GR is a custom Community Content 'Mech.


Often derided as the Unpronounceable Mech, the Riesigenwaffenkampfer RWK-3GR is one of St. Ives wunderwaffen, machines designed to hold back the Capellan tide long enough to secure victory. Part of the so-called 3rd Generation of BattleMech technology (alongside the UrbanLord and Celestial Champion), the Riesigenwaffenkampfer is a potent machine with a silly name. Armed with a pure energy loadout of 3 Large Grazers and 2 Medium Grazers, the Riesigenwaffenkampfer's high speed lets it bring its guns to bear easily. The 3rd Gen Heat Sinks keep it all frosty.

<b><color=#e51717>COMMUNITY CONTENT</color></b>


Mech Quirk: 3rd Gen. Cockpit

+2 accuracy with ranged weapons

Pilot Affinity: Unlimited Power

Energy, ballistic, and missile weapons do 10% more damage


Stock Loadout
Stock Loadout