Showboat - Pilot

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Pilot Showboat.png
General Data
Callsign Showboat
Name Amanda Ahn
Age 31
Gender Female
Faction Periphery
Health 3
Gunnery 4
Piloting 6
Guts 3
Tactics 7
Sure Footing.png
Sure Footing
Sensor Lock.png
Sensor Lock
DrunkSolaris Gladiator


Amanda Ahn, who was born on 'a little planet nobody's ever heard of' always knew she was going to be a star. She started out by participating in local talent shows, where she repeatedly won Miss Congeniality, but didn't quite catch on with the local population of farmers and biologists. But after watching the 'Mech dance routine teenage Amanda put together, a supportive great-aunt scraped together the funds to take herself and her young charge off to Solaris VII. There Amanda trialed at several gladiatorial stables before her savvy great-aunt provoked a small bidding war between the stables to get Amanda one of the most excellent rookie contracts in recent history. It was an uncommon move, but Amanda Ahn was an uncommon find even in gladiatorial circles, and she went over big from the beginning. An absolute natural in the cockpit, she was a popular sensation due to her skills, style, optimism, and scrappiness.

She was living her dream, and she loved it, all the way until her great-aunt died. Her new agent, while good at the business end of things, didn't have Amanda's great-aunt's sense of how to protect Amanda's temperament from some of the darker elements of the Solaris VII gladiatorial world. As Amanda coped with the loss of a most beloved mentor, she was still expected to be her famously cheerful self. She couldn't do it alone, and turned to stimulants and alcohol for help. Eventually, as it did with so many gladiators, it backfired on her. Caught up in a hideous scandal, Amanda was advised by her new agent to leave Solaris VII for a few years so the scandal could be forgotten. Ashamed, and glad to escape from the pressures of Solaris VII celebrity, Amanda did so, heading out to the Periphery to take up work as a mercenary and, hopefully, keep her nose clean.




Can be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.