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Pilot Stryker.png
General Data
Callsign Stryker
Name Jack Britcher
Age 52
Gender Male
Faction Aurigan Coalition
Health 3
Gunnery 6
Piloting 3
Guts 3
Tactics 4


Born on New Avalon, the capital world of the Federated Suns, Evan had a complicated history from day one. His father was a noble diplomat from the Lyran Commonwealth and his mother a prominent officer in the New Avalon Crucis March Militia. Their relationship was initially viewed with suspicion by factions within both Houses and life was difficult for Evan as he grew up between worlds. Ironically, years later his family would be lauded as an important step in the improving relations between the two realms. But this would not be in time to make Evan's life any easier.

From a very early age Evan showed an aptitude for VR combat simulation games, often taking units known to be under powered, yet somehow finessing them to victory. This eventually led him to seek a career with the military much to his mother's delight and father's grudging tolerance. He was soon enrolled at the newly formed NAIS, but life there was no picnic, as all his classmates believed him to be there on his parent's accomplishments and not his own merits. Never the less, Evan was determined to prove himself, and would never back down from a challenge.

After graduating, his mother offered to help him gain a position in the March Militia, but Evan continued to want to forge his own destiny. Accepting a junior officer position with the 33rd Avalon Hussars, he left New Avalon behind, yet the spectre of his family continued to follow him.

Always a risk taker, Evan found he much preferred the role of scout, both for the solitude and the opportunities it provided him to show what he could accomplish. Through sheer determination he rose to the rank of Lieutenant, but he still wanted a chance to step out from his parent's shadow. Soon he would have his chance in spades.

In 3022 the 33rd was part of an expedition to retake Galtor III from the Draconis Combine, in what became known as one of the bloodiest campaigns in the later part of the 3rd Succession War. During that campaign, Lieutenant Zanos' lance was instrumental in scouting out the enemy forces, helping the Federated Suns to eventually retake Galtor. However, during the campaign, Evan felt for the people of Galtor III, who were suffering horrendous loses. It was during a information gathering mission that Evan saw the atrocities being committed by the Combine Troops on the citizenry, and despite orders not to reveal themselves, Evan took maters into his own hands, attacking the DCMS forces. The sheer bravado and wildness of the attack threw the Combine Soldiery into disarray, and believing that Lt. Zanos' lance was a spearhead for a larger force they withdrew. While he had saved these poor souls, what he saw that day caused him to resign his commission and seek ways to help the people.




Can be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.


PasiFist, Stryker and T1meL0rd88 have the same biography section. This is not an error, it's what's written in their game files.