War Boar - Pilot

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War Boar
Pilot War Boar.png
General Data
Callsign War Boar
Name Siegfried Krauss
Age 40
Gender Male
Faction Lyran Commonwealth
Health 3
Gunnery 4
Piloting 3
Guts 3
Tactics 5
Sensor Lock.png
Sensor Lock
Solaris GladiatorLyran


Siegfried Krauss, born to a noble Lyran lineage, educated at the best Lyran school, and appointed to the most prestigious and safest of positions in, has a nemesis.

It's his only explanation for how he could go from that most prestigious of positions, to enlisting in a BattleMech corps. It's his explanation for how he went from a ranking position in the BattleMech corps to wandering the Inner Sphere. It's even his explanation for how, once he settled at Solaris VII and built up his own stable, he threw it all away to become a mercenary in the Periphery.

Siegfried Krauss doesn't deal with breakups very well at all. But he can't seem to help falling in love. And, of course, who can resist falling in love with him? If only they'd stay in love. If only all sparkling-eyed brunettes would just stay away. If only, once the relationship ended, he could stand to stay where once he'd had so many happy memories. But he can't. It simply hurts too much.




Can be found as a random starting pilot or in hiring halls.