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Ares has been home to a number of various defense industries and is associated with the interstellar treaty called the Ares Convention.

Factory Inventory

Ares has a unique store list available with the following items.

Full Mechs Vehicles Battle Armor Equipment Weapons Ammunition Contracts
Locust LCT-1L
Stinger STG-6L
Scorpion MkII
LRM Carrier
SRM Carrier
Alsvin APC
Sleipnir APC
None Engine Core, 60
Engine Core, 100
Engine Core, 120
Engine Core, 160
Engine Core, 180
Engine Core, 240
None None None


Ares is somewhere. You can press CTRL+F and type St. Ives into the search field to highlight it on the Navigation map.

[[File:|class=percentwidth|Stock Loadout]]