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Click here to download the BTA 3062 installer


Windows Installation

1. Download the BattleTech Advanced 3062 Installer from the link provided above.

2. Make sure you have at least 40GB free space on the drive you're installing BTA to; the launcher cache takes up roughly 25GB and the mod files themselves are about 15GB.

3. Use 7zip to open the file. It will contain just one file, the BTA 3062 Installer. Extract it into a storage folder (this is required as the installer creates a cache that it updates from, you'll need to keep this in a safe storage place, it needs to be somewhere on your hard drive other than in the Users directory or in the BATTLETECH game folder, put it in a storage folder elsewhere such as C:\Installer Storage).

4. Navigate to your Battletech installation folder. For Steam Users: [..]\Steam\steamapps\common\BATTLETECH

4a. Inside your installation folder, create a new folder called "Mods" without quotation marks
4b. If you already have a "Mods" folder, wipe it completely clean. Delete all files and folders within it. This is a critical step, because many third party mods such as Give Me Death break BTA.
4c. Whitelist the BATTLETECH installation folder in your anti-virus software. This is a precautionary step and may not be necessary, but some AV programs flag the critical mod files ModTekInjector.exe and QuickStart.exe as suspicious which will prevent the mod from working.

5. Run the BTA installer from your storage folder. Use its target function to point towards your newly created Mods folder. It will pop up a box asking what options you'd like to install from among the DLCs and the Community Content pack. Only select what you want from those options and only select DLC options for which you actually own the DLCs.

6. It will pop up some warnings saying "there's nothing here, is it ok to install?" Just say OK to everything and let it do its work. The first time you run the installer it'll take some time, that's normal, everything is fine. The installer automatically installs the CAB (Community Asset Bundle), you do not need a separate CAB installer.

7. You're done!

Note: It is now strongly advised that you check out the Performance Tips page to improve your experience.

Installing BTA in other languages:

The process is the same as above, however once BTA is installed you will need to use the provided tools and instructions found in [..]BATTLETECH\Mods\CustomLocalization in order to apply the necessary language changes. DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY FILES FROM ELSEWHERE ON THE INTERNET TO DO THIS STEP - they are not compatible with BTA and will likely break your install.

Video Guide

If you prefer to follow along with a video instead, check out this guide.


Windows Installation Troubleshooting

The Mod Doesn't Initialize Even If I Start Via The Launcher. All I'm Seeing Is The Base Game Menu

Likely cause: BTA was installed to the wrong target location.

Solution: Open the BTA Installer and double check the field labelled "Install Target". It must be the same folder where BATTLETECH is installed, e.g.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\BattleTech\Mods 

(or wherever yours is installed).

ModTek Reports "Some Mods Failed To Load"

Likely cause 1: The BTA Installer has been put in the Users directory or in the BATTLETECH game folder.

Solution: Move the Installer (just the BTAdvancedLauncher.exe, do not move anything else such as the XML files or the folder named BtalCache) into a separate storage folder somewhere else such as C:\Storage or C:\BTALauncher (or anything else you want to call it, as long as they're not in the Users directory/BATTLETECH game folder).

Likely cause 2: you have 3rd party mod files (such as Give Me Death/Give Them Kell) that are incompatible with BTA present in the Mods folder.

Solution: Remove all third party mods from the Mods folder. Note: Give Me Death/Give Them Kell are already included in BTA, You just need to have both the Flashpoint and Heavy Metal DLCs to access them.

Menu Buttons On The Title Screen Don't Work After Installing

Likely cause: Corgi's Performance Fix is not compatible with your PC hardware.

Solution: You will need to reinstall BTA without Corgi's Performance Fixes. Verify the game files on Steam to revert the .dll changes, run the BTA Installer again and when you get to the Configuration Options window uncheck the box marked "Corgi's Perf Fixes". Other than that continue with the installation as normal.

BATTLETECH Is Crashing Unexpectedly

Likely cause: the most common cause of random crashes is your GPU drivers.

Solution: Do a clean install of your GPU drivers. Instructions on how to do this can be found here:

ModTek Error: "ModTek Died" During Game Start

Likely cause: A mod folder has been accidentally moved into another mods folder or a zip file is present in a mod folder. ModTek will not load if it finds sub mods or archived files inside mod folders.

Solution: Delete the contents of BATTLETECH\Mods folder and reboot your PC before reinstalling BTA.

"Fatal Error Detected: Failed to execute script btalauncher" when trying to run the BTA Launcher

Likely cause: trying to run the BTALauncher.exe from within the zip file.

Solution: extract the BTALauncher.exe out of the zip file and place it in a storage folder somewhere other than in the Users directory or in the BATTLETECH game folder.

Linux Installation

Click here for the Linux installation guide.

Please note: Linux users will not be able to run BattleTech using the "Launch BTA 3062" button in the BTA launcher. You will have to open it through Steam or by running the BattleTech executable file.

Mac Installation

Click here for the Mac installation guide.

WARNING: BTA will not work on ARM-based Macs due to their lack of a GPU. This is not possible for us to fix or do anything about, sorry in advance.


99% of players DO NOT NEED THIS. Downloading the launcher is all you need unless you are specifically directed by a BTA team member to get the pre-cache to solve an issue with installation.

Click here to download the BTA 3062 Pre-Cache.