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v17.5 (aka the "Prep Work Begins" patch) has been released to the installer. This patch is a little earlier than expected but needs to happen now so that we can start a new project.

NEW RATTLER FIGHT!!: So, the Word of Blake Rattler has proven to be a brutal foe for basically everyone. This was intentional, it is the ultimate "come and get it, bitch" challenge that BTA can throw at you and is intentionally unfair. However, there's room for folks who might want to experience a Rattler fight without having their balls busted constantly. To that end, there is now a weaker Rattler that you can fight on Tukayyid, a SLDF-spec Rattler with a different model and a different weapon loadout as well as with less escorting enemies and less powerful and less numerous unit spawns. You can fight the SLDF Mk I Rattler on Tukayyid and while it's hard it's definitely more beatable. Enjoy (for real this time)!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Rattler Fight Challenge *only applies* to the OG Word of Blake Rattler fight. This new SLDF Rattler does not count for the challenge. If you're confused about "what challenge??" come to Discord and ask about it.

NEW MECH: The Balar, a non-canon 70 ton Inner Sphere OmniMech styled on the Clan's Ebon Jaguar, has stealthed into combat. It is spread widely across the Great Houses and other IS powers, like the other IS omnis (such as the Avatar or Blackjack Omni). It can also be purchased at Coventry, Luthien, New Valencia, and Marduk.

NEW MECH: The Hammerhands, a canon 75 ton Inner Sphere Age of War design, has stomped into battle. This Davion-exclusive ancestor to the Warhammer is stylish as hell and is ballistic-focused, so expect big smashy autocannons and some backup lasers for good measure. You can get the Hammerhands from the Davion faction store as well as the factory on New Avalon and only Davion fields any Hammerhands variants.

AMARIS FOOLS EVENT REMOVED: The April Fools event, Amaris' Return, has been removed from BTA with this patch. Important Note: *your save game is completely safe*. What this means is that the *event* that triggers the RWR's return has been removed and *only* the event. The actual faction of the RWR, all of the new mech variants, and all of the new weapons all remain a part of BTA so that your saves are completely secure. If you want to play in that save forever you can do so without concern of losing your game, it is completely safe. This *does* mean that if you want the RWR to exist in your game, you need to trigger the event before updating to this patch, otherwise they cannot exist in your game.

AMARIS GUNS NERFED: The Meatgrinder MG, Mercy, Death Ray, and Atom Smasher/10 have all been nerfed somewhat. This was always the plan: let Amaris be super scary with them for awhile then nerf them back to reasonable levels. They're still quite good but they're less insane now.

TANK PURCHASE PRICE ADJUSTMENTS: Tanks were significantly too expensive in our last patch due to unforeseen complications with one of our core frameworks. We've done some adjustments now and while the prices are higher than they *used* to be they're now cheaper than they were in the last patch. It's a decent middle ground for now but expect tank prices to be more than they used to be 2 months ago.

NEW TANKS PLAYABLE: The Minion Hovercraft has been added and made playable. The Arrow IV Demolisher is also playable now. The Turhan APC is also playable and carries two BA squads. Enjoy!

ABILITY CLARIFICATION: If an ability ends your turn, it now explicitly tells you that it does. Also, Eagle Eye has been corrected to match its description properly (it was wrong).

LIGHT PLATING BUFF: Light Plating only reduces armor by 10% instead of 15%, it should now technically be better than not having it.

FACTION SPECIALITIES UPDATED: Scorpion Empire/Goliath Scorpion/RWR now have proper faction specializations.

STARMAP UPDATED: Now, there should be actual map icons for every major faction that has worlds (except for ComStar). This is the light white/black icon that lives "behind" the starmap and you can see behind the worlds themselves in the center of a given faction's territory. A number of factions didn't have this but now do.

RATTLER IS UNSALVAGEABLE: Whoops, that's a silly goof. Now you can't salvage the bits of the Rattlers.

HARDPOINT EXPANSION: A number of chassis have had their hardpoints expanded, including the following chassis: Vindicator, Locust, Jenner, Dragon, Spider, Trebuchet, Stinger, Wasp, Hornet, Enfield, Hollander I and II, Hussar, Lynx, Ostscout, Sentinel, Sha Yu, Swordsman, Toro, Victor, Helios, Hatchetman, Vulcan, Orion IIC, Mauler, Emperor, Salamander

SUPPORT SLOT EXPANSION: A *lot* of individual mechs have had their hardpoints added to in order to ensure everyone has at least 1 support hardpoint. Not going to list them all but if you notice a support hardpoint you don't remeber seeing before, it's probably new.

DROPSHIP REWARDS BOOSTED: The DropShip missions were made harder in an earlier patch and so to compensate for the difficulty increase we've improved the reward from those missions. Now, you get a guaranteed mech reward from the missions as well as more general gear and cash. Enjoy!

SIGNIFICANT BA NERF: Battle Armor in-misison armor values have been nerfed universally by between 10% and 25% (which should make them a little less dangerous to fight). Additionally, and more seriously, BA weapons have almost all received a significant damage nerf, roughly 25-33% across the board. A few specific BA guns kept their damage values but for the most part they got nerfed. Also, Roll, Swat, and Erratic Maneuver de-swarm attacks have been buffed to be more effective. Generally speaking, Battle Armor are significantly too powerful and needed a nerf. Further action may be taken after more observation but for now this will do.

ER PULSE LASER BUFFS: The ER Pulse Laser family needed some adjustments. It was fairly weak and underwhelming and definitely needed some love, which it has now received. Now, the ER Pulse Laser is a modal weapon. In ER Mode it is *exactly* a Clan ER Laser of the appropriate size. In Pulse Mode it adjusts to be exactly a Clan Pulse Laser of the appropriate size. The power of the ER Pulse now is flexibility: you have ER when you need reach and you have Pulse when you need accuracy. Is it the best weapon? Not really but it's at least got a niche now.

COMMUNITY CONTENT: There's some new CC here today, hurrah! Just a little bit today, two new mechs: a Huron Warrior with a new weapon, the Reverse Gauss Rifle, and a 150-ton Ironclad Superheavy variant.

  • HMG stab damage has been slightly increased.
  • Hollander II hero, Big Iron, has had its armor updated to use extra spare tonnage.
  • Commando COM-7W is fixed and now spawns properly.
  • Virago's BA affinity for the Salamander has been fixed.
  • The Barracuda has been nerfed somewhat. It should be a little more survivable now. Emphasis on "little more".
  • Escort contract specialization is nerfed to no longer stack infinitely. Whoopsie!
  • Tolson 5Nb has its royal quirk properly applies.

IMPORTANT: v17.5 is an "update" update. In this case, read the detailed update notes above to see best practices on how to update to 17.3.

IMPORTANT: v17.5 is not a save breaking update, your saves are compatible and will work fine.

REMINDER: This update, and others like it, are made possible by my Patreon and Ko-Fi supporters. Without their support, updates would come slower and be less impactful. If you feel like being a part of the support for BTA, you can find me on Patreon ( and on Ko-Fi (

REMINDER: Custom mod commissions are still available if you're interested. If you'd like to get your own community content added to BTA DM me, bloodydoves, and we can work something out.

BTA Light

BTA Light has no changes.

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2021/2/13 - Patch v8.5.2 - Hotfix
2021/2/13 - Patch v8.5.1 - Hotfix
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2021/1/30 - Patch v8.4 - The Pilot Specializations patch
2021/1/17 - Patch v8.3 - The Clan Nova Cat/Diamond Shark + LAM AirMech mode patch
2021/1/2 - Patch v8.2 - The shop fix + ExcavatorMech patch
2020/12/21 - Patch v8.1 - Hotfix
2020/12/21 - Patch v8.0 - The Battle Armor patch
2020/11/25 - Patch v7.7.1 - Hotfix
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2020/4/8 - Patch v4.6
2020/4/2 - Patch v4.5.1
2020/4/3 - Patch v4.5
2020/3/11 - Patch v4.4
2020/2/20 - Patch v4.3
2020/2/9 - Patch v4.2.2
2020/2/9 - Patch v4.2.1
2020/2/9 - Patch v4.2
2020/1/25 - Patch v4.1
2020/1/18 - Patch v4.0
2020/1/8 - Patch v3.9.5
2020/1/2 - Patch v3.9.4
2020/1/1 - Patch v3.9.3
2020/1/1 - Patch v3.9
2019/12/22 - Patch v3.8
2019/12/14 - Patch v3.7.4
2019/11/17 - Patch v3.6.1
2019/11/17 - Patch v3.6
2019/11/9 - Patch v3.5.1
2019/11/9 - Patch v3.5
2019/11/1 - Patch v3.4
2019/10/27 - Patch v3.3
2019/10/23 - Patch v3.2.1
2019/10/20 - Patch v3.2
2019/10/11 - Patch v3.1.2
2019/10/6 - Patch v3.1.1
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2019/7/10 - Patch v2.3
2019/7/3 - Patch v2.2
2019/7/3 - Patch v2.1
2019/6/29 - Patch v2.0
2019/6/29 - Patch v1.4
2019/6/26 - Patch v1.3
2019/6/25 - Patch v1.2