2021/6/24 - Patch v10.4

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v10.4 (aka the "Holy Hell, It's Been 2 Years Already!" release) has been released to the installer. This patch is largely a content release with a large installer twist.

**IMPORTANT READ THIS**: This patch requires a new installer. Sorry, I know it's annoying, but this installer fixes some rare but important issues with the old one. It also enables the second major thing about this patch, which you can see below.

**IMPORTANT READ THIS**: This patch has formally merged the Clans into BTA's master build. Now, everyone get the Clan patch and content. This was done for two reasons: it fixes a very real, very serious, problem some users were running into that we couldn't solve in any other practical way *and* it also makes our lives easier behind the scenes. The installer no longer asks if you want Clans in the settings but don't panic, you just get them automatically. Nothing in-game has changed: Clans are largely optional and won't really spring themselves on you outside of rare 3-way battles.

NEW EVENT: The Category:BTA Team may challenge you to a throwdown at some point. Bring your A-Game because the BTA Team ain't playing around, but there's a good reward waiting for you if you win.

NEW MECH: The Hoplite, a 55 ton slow medium gunboat that looks like a dinner plate, has strolled into play. Find it with Clans and mercs and occasionally the Davions and Canopians.

NEW MECH: The Dig King, a 30 ton industrial mining mech, has decided to take a break mining salt and instead mine some mech components. Find it with the Periphery.

NEW MECH: The Ostscout, a 35 ton scout mech that is the last word in scouting but usually doesn't have a weapon worth a damn, has bolted onto the battlefield. Most Great Houses field it, as does ComStar. Note that the Ostscout has a unique, extremely powerful, quirk, Super Sensors.

NEW MECH: The Toyama, a 75 ton line combat mech that looks like a wall with guns, has arrived. The Word of Blake fields it.

NEW COMMUNITY CONTENT: There's a few new mechs and weapons in Community Content. There's the Insanity PPC, which is mounted on a pirate Brigand. There's also the MechAssault Ragnarok, complete with energy shield and lava gun, which is also in the hands of the Word of Blake.

  • LAMs now transform in the AI's hands. Zoom zoom, motherfucker.
  • Fixed a lot of spawning issues, less ReportMe mechs!
  • There's a new BTA Team pilot, Scorch, find him out and about.
  • A couple variants of the Crosscut now no longer have fixed engines, so you can make them actually decent.
  • Fuel cell engines now reduce weapon heat a little more.
  • Our injury mod, TisButAScratch (TBAS), has been updated with some new functionality, detailed below.
    • Updated how bleedouts work, now they weaken pilots over time as their blood falls out.
    • DNI and Torso cockpits have been updated to work with some mechanics in TBAS, they should behave a little more like their table cousins now (DNI feedback injuries, yo).
  • The Improved Life Support quirk now prevents bleedouts.
  • The Easy to Pilot quirk was nerfed and no longer boosts run speed directly, instead only buffing walk speed (which indirectly buffs run speed anyway).
  • The Pike tanks have their own model now.
  • The Davion faction store now sells the RAC2 and RAC5, as well as their ammo.
  • Narc's effect icon is different now.
  • The Wolfhound WLF-4 was way too common, the factions it can be found with have been restricted heavily.
  • The Yang's Big Score flashpoint now works.
  • Support SRMs now properly ignore some evasion.
  • There are two new starting mech options: PAI (Periphery Arms Inc) and SLDF (Star League Defense Force).
  • The periphery faction starts now actually draw from the periphery starting lists correctly.
  • The UM-LAM now is fielded by the FRR.
  • Chemical laser ammo is cheaper.
  • Some ammo descriptions were clairifed.
  • A number of core mod dlls have been updated.

IMPORTANT: v10.4 is an "update" update. It does require a new installer from Nexus however to fix some critical bugs, download the installer again here: https://www.nexusmods.com/battletech/mods/452 Run the installer again to let it just update your files and you're set to go. The installer auto-updates the CAB and injects Modtek for you.

IMPORTANT: v10.4 is not a save breaking update, your saves are compatible and will work fine.

IMPORTANT: You can see v10.4's patch notes, as well as any BTA patch notes, on our wiki on this page: https://www.bta3062.com/index.php/Patch_Notes

REMINDER: This update, and others like it, are made possible by my Patreon supporters. Without their support, updates would come slower and be less impactful. If you feel like being a part of the support for BTA, you can find me here: https://www.patreon.com/bloodydoves

REMINDER: Custom mod commissions are still available if you're interested. If you'd like to get your own community content added to BTA DM me, bloodydoves, and we can work something out.