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Game worlds are systems that sell special items in their stores that will give you entry into a Game World Duel. Duels can be solo or duo duels for each of the four weight classes: light, medium, heavy, and assault. Each weight class restricts what you can take into the duel: e.g. light duels force light mechs (max tonnage 35 tons per mech) and so on for each class of duel. The opposition in the duels are special Hero 'Mechs as well as arena-specific designs such as the Valiant or Juggernaut. The enemy pilots in the duels are a special Game World Gladiator who has high stats and is extremely dangerous, so take them seriously.

The eleven game worlds systems in BTA are:

  • Antallos
  • Astrokaszy
  • Dortmund
  • Galatea
  • Gambier
  • Hardcore
  • New Port Royal
  • Noisiel
  • Sawyer
  • Solaris VII (also known as Solaris on the star map)
  • Westerhand

Game worlds can be found by going to the navigation map and pressing CTRL+F to open the search function and entering either the name of the system you're looking for or "game world" to search for the planet tag.

When you purchase the duel item, it will immediately generate a contract in the Command Center. Make sure you complete these contracts before you leave the world otherwise the game experience technical issues. Game world duels only provide cash rewards, taking salvage will give you nothing so max out the cash slider when you accept the contract. That said, there's a hidden counter that ticks up when you do a duel of a certain weight class, when that counter hits 6, you'll be rewarded with a loot cache giving you a random hero mech of that weight class, like the ones you can fight in the duels themselves. What's a hero mech? It's a unique customized mech with a unique loadout and special bonus "Hero 'Mech" quirk. The only way to acquire these hero 'Mechs is through the duels. There are heroes for light, medium, heavy, and assault duels.

Game World 'Mechs

Some of these 'Mechs require DLC in order for you to face them in the arena or for them to appear in loot caches. They have been identified as follows:

Heavy Metal DLC

Flashpoint DLC

Urban Warfare DLC

Gladiator 'Mechs

The following are 'Mechs that can appear as opponents but are not Hero 'Mechs and are not included in the loot caches for completing 6 duels. Please note that the Mad Cat MK II (85T) is a Community Content 'Mech and will not be available unless you have that content installed.

Hero 'Mechs


Inner Sphere



Inner Sphere



Inner Sphere



Inner Sphere