2019/10/6 - Patch v3.1

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It's my birthday but YOU get a present today! BTA v3.1 has been released. There's a new mech, the TDF's classic trooper, the Talos in a beautiful brown and gold scheme, you'll love it. There are balance changes to the + weapons, mostly minor nerfs to make them less obviously the best option, but the Lostech + weapons got buffs and now tell you what they do. There's some new custom mechs (Hauptmann, Avatar, Templar). There's a new flashpoint in the UW module, Breaking News, check it out. Movement penalties are corrected and sprinting is no longer suicidal and stupid. Height is now slightly less powerful in general for both you and the enemies. But, the biggest thing, the thing you're all waiting for: Mission Control and Bigger Drop are in v3.1. This means that you now get 6 mechs on all your non-flashpoint drops and that you get bigger maps, randomized spawns, and more enemies to fight. Warning: MC comes with bugs, you've been warned.

v3.1 is a clear and reinstall update. Clear out Mods and reinstall BTA and the CAB as normal. REQUIRES BATTLETECH PATCH 1.7.1. REINJECT MODTEK AFTER PATCHING TO 1.7.1. REQUIRES UPDATED CAB FOR THE TALOS.

What's next from here? I'm investigating a proper C3 system, looking at updating some various pieces of gear and upgrades, and maybe some more balance work. And there will be more mechs, as always. Keep an eye out for the mech that did the Highlander's thing before the Highlander did it.