2019/12/22 - Patch v3.8

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v3.8 has been released. This comes with a number of fixes. First, the LBX and RAC families now are no longer insane machine guns (and the LBX uses the right HM animation). A bunch of mechs were overtonned and now aren't. Urbanmechs have a 360 degree field of fire now, so you can't sneak up on one safely. TAG and Narc now leave their proper Heavy Metal animation on the targets. Mission Control allied forces have been disabled because seriously they were pretty crappy. A few mech portraits changed to some cleaner looking stuff. Some core mods updated to newer versions.

The modules have also all been updated: Urban Warfare with the 360 Urbie spin, Flashpoint for a new Axman, Heavy Metal for the new BTA COIL implementation and two mechs carrying it, and BTA Custom Mechs for a giant pile of new mechs.

IMPORTANT: Melee arm and leg mods have changed. They now sit on actuators instead of just taking crits. This is awesome but it also means that your currently existing mechs with those mods will need to be stored and re-readied to be valid designs again. Sorry for the trouble but trust me, it's worth it. They also got more descriptive names so you can quickly tell what is what.

IMPORTANT: v3.8 is a clear and reinstall update. Clear out Mods, reinstall BTA and the CAB (using the new installer it should be super quick), reinject ModTek, and you're good to go.