2019/11/9 - Patch v3.5

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v3.5 has been released. Still not a huge update, but there's more mechs in this one than usual. A mech lots of people have asked for has been finally added: the Axman (using the Hatchetman model, just upscaled a little). Additionally, another IS Omni has been added, the Black Hawk-KU (using an upscaled Nova model). The UAC family has been given a big heat buff, getting much cooler. Finally, Bigger Drop has been updated, you now start with five mechs deployable and there are custom Argo upgrades to let you build up to a total of 8 mechs. There is also a variety of little typos and bug fixes, as usual.

IMPORTANT v3.5 is a copy and overwrite update. Just copy the files into Mods, click yes to overwrite, and you're done. REQUIRES NEW CAB.