2020/1/18 - Patch v4.0

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BTA v4.0 has been released. This is a landmark release for a BUNCH of reasons. First, lots of changes: CBTBE and Mission Control have major updates (loadtimes are better, heat scale works now, etc). There's been a few minor gear nerfs. MW5 pilot portraits are now available for your commander. There's new bonus tonnage Argo upgrades. There's like 30 new, brutal, turrets. There's more minor fixes and changes than I can list. But there are a few big things:

BIG THING #1: Campaign has been formally disabled. It has been nothing but trouble, is mostly broken to begin with, and I've disabled it. If you want it back, you can get it back, but know that i and the team aren't supporting it anymore. This was done for our sanity.

BIG THING #2: Jump jets, lower/hand actuators, and standard heat sinks aren't in salvage anymore. They're in basically every shop in unlimited numbers, but your salvage will no longer be grey trash. No longer is Loot Magnet the answer, BTA was the answer all along.

BIG THING #3: THERE ARE NEW WEAPONS! 3070 isn't here in full, but it's here a little: the MMLs, LPPC, HPPC, HMG, LMG, ER and Heavy Flamer, Bombast Laser, Plasma Rifle, the VSPLs, the LACs, and the HVACs have all arrived to stores and turrets and a few mechs near you. Have fun with them, folks.

Ph, and every module updated too. Grab 'em all, folks.

IMPORTANT: v4.0 is a clear and reinstall update. Clear out Mods, reinstall BTA and the CAB (using the new installer it should be super quick), reinject ModTek, and you're good to go.

There's another important thing though, coming in the next post... The other big thing with BTA right now is that with the release of BTA v4.0, I am making a step away from daily development of BTA core. BTA is in a state that I'm super happy with and I don't see the need to be working on it constantly. I'll still be releasing bugfix updates, but new content is pretty much done for the time being.

The reason I'm doing this is two-fold: first, like I said, the mod is in a great place and I'm happy with it right now. I don't want to bloat it (I could, it'd be easy). The second, bigger, reason is that I seriously want to move over to BTA Clans and I need to NOT be doing BTA core at the same time. I have limited time and effort and Clans need my attention more than the core modpack does right now.

I'm not going anywhere, I'll still be around on the Discord and whatnot, but I will also not be making much new content for BTA core for awhile.

Thanks for making BTA the best experience of my life so far and for sticking with me as I transition over to BTA Clans and get that ready for deployment. You'll be playing with the Clans sooner than you think!