2019/11/17 - Patch v3.6

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v3.6 has been released. This is a big one, people. We have a new mech, the Firebee. We also finally make use of the Loader King model with some fun Loader King's in Custom Mechs. There's been a lot of typo fixes and some minor depreciated gear removed, as well as HBS ECM actually finally being totally removed. However, the big news is this: MECH QUIRKS ARE HERE. Every mech except the LAMs/Omnis (which are basically already quirked) has received a piece of fixed gear that gives it a special quirk (including the Primitives!). Here's the downside though: this will virtually certainly break your saves. You can either store/reready every mech you have or you can just start a new game. I recommend the latter. I know this is rough but the team and I feel that the quirks are worth the save break. You know we don't do this much since we don't like invalidating your progress, so you know we wouldn't do it if it wasn't the best option. Note that every module has new content and quirks, so get them all.

ADDITIONAL: The days of Endo-Steel on literally everything are over. Structure is now fixed on every single mech, which makes endo-steel chassis more unique. This change may not be a popular one but the team and I believe it will be best for build diversity and keeping variants uniquely distinct.

IMPORTANT v3.6 is a clear and reinstall update. Clear out Mods, reinstall BTA and the CAB, reinject ModTek, and you're good to go. REQUIRES NEW CAB FOR THE FIREBEE.