2019/10/20 - Patch v3.2

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v3.2 has been released. It's a fairly minor update, it's been quiet around here as we prepare for the run-up to Heavy Metal (big excite). The Clint has been added to starter lists, there's a new Pirate start, there's some more new pilots to find, and there's two new mechs, the Perseus and the Firestarter Omni, which is pretty cool.

Importantly, the optional modules have changed around somewhat. There was a mistake where BTA Custom Mechs that had some DLC mechs it shouldn't have had. Those have been moved to Flashpoint DLC Module as appropriate. If you had those DLC mechs in your save but didn't have the FP DLC Module, you might get crashes now. Sorry, no way around this.

IMPORTANT v3.2 is a clear and reinstall update. Clear out Mods and reinstall BTA and the CAB as normal. REQUIRES BATTLETECH PATCH 1.7.1. REINJECT MODTEK AFTER PATCHING TO 1.7.1. Does not require new CAB but is recommended to avoid some crashes.

What's next? Prep for Heavy Metal, work on some new mechs if we can get them sorted out (they're being difficult), the usual.